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Global Training Localization

10 Cost-Saving Strategies For Global Training Localization

Globalization has enabled companies to transcend beyond borders and scale their growth. With the rise of remote work culture, companies can now access diverse talents from across the globe.

Here’s a free guide to transforming your global training programs through cost-effective localization.

Language Localization cost

Reduce Localization Costs : 6 Simple tried & tested ways.

6 ridiculously simple tried and tested ways to Reduce Localization Costs on your next Localization Project Save time and money and improve translation quality for your next international project. What’s inside 6 dead simple but effective strategies.


Mobile App Localization Strategy Report 2022

App Localization Strategy Report: Where and How to Expand for Global Success 2020-21 were landmark year for the mobile app market and its time to start building your App Localization Strategy. During the long months of lockdown, screen time increased as people were…

Translation project checklist

Translation Project Management Checklist

Localization and translation are complex processes, but with the help of translation and localization checklists, you can improve your workflow, ensure accuracy, and deliver high-quality content that resonates with your target audience.Our translation project checklist has been designed to help businesses streamline their translation and localization process and stay on track throughout the project.

eu mdr language requirements

A Comprehensive Guide To EU MDR Language Requirements

Are you navigating the European MDR translation requirements? We have compiled a comprehensive guide that covers major aspects of the EU MDR translation process.  This guide outlines the specific requirements that must be met, the challenges faced by manufacturers when translating documents, and the solutions provided by LSPs.

SaaS Localization Checklist

SaaS Localization Best Practices & Checklist

SaaS Localization is the key to going global and reaching a diverse and international audience. This free guide provides the best practices and checklist to help you with your SaaS Localization. Get started on your journey to be among the top SaaS companies in the world!

Analytics of Hinglish Language

Hinglish - A Report of Popularity & Usage In India

So, what is Hinglish? There are perhaps very few of us who haven’t come across Hindi text messages like “Bro chill kar” and “Arey! Yeh kya bakwaas he?!”, all typed out in English. From Maggi’s “Taste Bhi Health Bhi”, to Bollywood’s “Gully Boy”, there’s a new language…


Translation Style Guide Template With Examples

A translation style guide simplifies the localization process by aligning the expectations of all parties, and maintaining consistency and quality across the translated content. Our FREE template contains the structure of a comprehensive style guide and powerful examples which will help you draft your own style guide for an effective localization process.

language professionals unveil the state of freelancing in the language industry

The State Of Freelancing In The Language Industry

Are freelancers in the language industry satisfied with their income? Does AI translation have any impact on their profession? We surveyed 877 freelancers in the language industry a few weeks ago and discovered fascinating insights! Read our report to discover interesting data derived from the survey, tips from industry experts and language professionals, and more!


eCommerce Localization Guide

Did you know – 65% Of non-native English speakers claim that they prefer content in their native language. eCommerce localization is clearly crucial when it comes to succeeding in foreign markets. This guide is designed to help you transform your online store for cross-border eCommerce.

eCommerce growth in India

eCommerce Growth In India

How online businesses can succeed with Language Localization in the most linguistically diverse country in the world. India’s e-commerce industry is growing exponentially.   It is expected to rise to the US $200 billion by 2026. Read more here…