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Milestone Localization Life Sciences

Milestone Localization Announces Its Life Sciences Sub Division

Milestone Localization Life Sciences is a  specialized unit dedicated to meeting the translation and localization requirements of the life sciences industry, encompassing healthcare, medical devices, medical software, and pharmaceuticals.

Global Training Localization

Milestone Localization Releases A Guide On Cost-saving Strategies for Global Training Localization

Designed to assist companies in elevating their global training programs through effective localization, the free eBook offers simple and practical strategies for cost-saving localization strategies for global training.

Medical Device Translation requirements

Milestone Localization releases a guide on the EU MDR Translation Requirements

The guide offers a comprehensive overview of the EU MDR’s stipulated requirements, addressing the challenges manufacturers might encounter during the translation process and presenting solutions offered by translation service providers.

language professionals unveil the state of freelancing in the language industry

Milestone Localization Releases A Report On The State Of Freelancing In The Language Industry

The survey report sheds light on the experiences of freelancers in the language industry and their outlook on the impact of technological advancements on their profession. The survey was conducted to gain deeper insights into their work-life.

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Milestone Localization Announces Launch of New Platform for Translators And Vendors

The platform has been developed as a one-stop solution to help thousands of linguists and content creators across the world find work across multiple domains and to streamline the vendor application, approval, and payment process.

Press Release

Hinglish - A Report On Usage And Popularity In India

Hinglish is a blend of words and scripts from English and Hindi. It involves extensive code-switching, wherein speakers frequently switch between the two languages. The switching is however so ingrained that Hindi speakers often do not realise that they are using foreign words in their speech.

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We are an ISO 17100 Certified Company!

We are now an ISO 17100 certified translation company! Milestone Localization is officially certified on 23rd September 2020 for End to End Translation and Localization Services.
As a certified translation company, we comply with the requirements of the ISO 17100 standard.

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