Milestone Localization Announces Launch of New Platform for Translators And Vendors

Jul 19, 2022

[BANGALORE, INDIA, 19 July, 2022] – Milestone Localization, one of the leading players in the translation and localization industry has announced the launch of its unique platform for translators and vendors.

The platform has been developed as a one-stop solution to help thousands of linguists and content creators across the world find work across multiple domains and to streamline the vendor application, approval, and payment process.

With an increasing demand for translation services and the rapidly growing freelancer industry, Milestone Localization decided to take the initiative to create a unique portal that would help freelance translators register, find work in their preferred domain(s), and get paid on time!

How Does It Work?

The registration process for linguists is simple, with an easy, hassle-free application procedure that takes about 7 minutes. The successful submission of the application is followed by a screening round and language test. Upon clearing the test, the linguist is contacted by Team Milestone and once onboard, the linguist can start working on projects from domains that usually range from technical and scientific to creative and marketing collaterals. Payments are made based on the rate agreed upon by the linguist and Milestone every month. 

Who Can Apply?

Anyone with an interest and experience in the language field is welcome to apply. Milestone is looking for experienced translators, proofreaders, subtitlers, interpreters, voice-over artists, and transcriptionists with a passion for the work they do and a willingness to learn and improve. They can be situated in any part of the world and are free to work remotely and flexibly.

Why Work With Milestone?

Apart from the fact that Milestone Localization is one of the leading translation and localization agencies, here are some of the benefits that linguists can avail once they are a part of its ever-growing family.

  • Interesting projects in diverse domains
  • The chance to work with reputed brands across the globe
  • Flexibility to work from anywhere in the world
  • Choose your rates
  • Working with the latest CAT tools
  • Hands-on training, if required
  • Learn as you work
  • A supportive project management team
  • Constructive feedback to help you excel in your work
  • Timely payments every month

Just like employees are the backbone of a company, linguists form the central system of Milestone Localization that helps it grow and thrive. 

However, Milestone is a strong believer in “quantity over quality,” so, while all interested linguists are welcome to apply, it has a strict evaluation system in place to onboard only the best talent from across the globe. 

In Conclusion

The Milestone Localization family currently works with over 1200 linguists, in 70 languages, across 1420 language pairs and 24 domains. The portal is just one of the many new initiatives that the company has planned for the future. In its bid to continue helping businesses communicate across cultures, it hopes to keep building a global community of talented linguists who can learn, work, and grow with the Milestone family. 

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