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MTPE services

Two types of Machine Translation Post Editing services 



Customers just give us the source content to be translated. We use the best machine translation for the language pair and get it post-edited by human translators.

Post-Editing Only

Customers send us bilingual files with the source text and machine translation. Our expert human translators edit the target content.

MTPE light
MTPE Complete

Types of MTPE services

1. Light Post Editing

It may be necessary to perform light post-editing when needed.
This is just to check if meaning and context is conveyed.

The following goals of light-post editing are:

– Concentrating on context and readability.
– Fewer corrections
– Meaning and intent is conveyed

The following is not checked: spelling, grammar, syntax.

This is suitable for internal communications, news articles, information notices, RFPs, customer reviews.

2. Complete Post Editing

The human translator pursues a more in-depth method of post-editing for this  second option.

They spend time checking and editing every line of the machine-generated translation.

The goals of complete post editing are (in addition to those of light post-editing):

– Concentrating on sense, readability, and style
– Localized cultural references
– Spelling and grammar
– Consistent Stylistically
– Uniform terminology

This is suitable for texts with high exposure, such as ads and promotional material,
websites, external communication.

How do Machine translation Editing services benefit businesses?


MTPE can translate a larger volume of content faster much faster than human translation. 


MTPE usually cost less than human translation, simply because it takes less time. This can work for large volumes of content.

Turnaround Time

Compared to Human Translators MTPE normally gives faster turnaround. 1000s of pages can be translated in a few hours.

How does MTPE services Work

How does machine translation post-editing work?

  • In order to perform the initial translation, the content is run through a machine translation software (such a Google NMT, Amazon Translate, Baidu translate etc)
  • The best softwate is chose based on language pair and subject matter
  • We might upload a term list or translation memory to maintain consisteny and quality
  • The machine translated output is then carefully checked and edited by human translators
  • Human translators check for grammar, sentence construction, context and accuracy.
  • The final translation is reviewed and sent to the client 
  • The edited files are saved in our translation memory and leveraged for future projects.

Machine translation Post Editing services are only suitable for some language pairs. We provide this service in around 35 languages. Get in touch for a list.

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