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Professional Translation Services Excellence in translation is more than just getting the words right. It’s about making sure that the tone, intent, context, and nuance are felt and understood. 

We translate, edit, and proofread a range of content in 150+ languages under our language translation service. We always use proficient native speakers and subject matter experts to edit and double-check all translations.

Corporate Translation

Emails, presentations, reports, RFP, invoices and legal documents

Websites Translation

Keywords, CTAs, product descriptions, T&C and website copy 

E Commerce Translation

Product descriptions, newsletters, tags, keyword and customer reviews

Visa Documents Translation

Cover letters, invitation letters, appeal letters and marriage certificates

Legal Translation

Contracts, licenses, permits, patents, service agreements and trademarks

Marketing Translation

Brochures, blogs, ad copy, social media posts and video campaigns

Articles Translation

Blog posts, case studies, reports, listicles, press releases, news and essays

Medical Translation

Medical reports, patient history, pharma leaflets, description of surgery

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A professional translation company can provide a range of services in a range of languages. We provide end-to-end localization services that include translation, proofreading, engineering, linguistic testing and typesetting.

The quality of our work comes from the quality of our expert translators. We have a rigorous recruitment and evaluation systems to work with the very best linguists around the world. For every project, we pick the perfect translator and reviewer.

We use the latest translation and project technology to automate processes, monitor quality and save time.

Our processes, people and technology ensure that you get a top-quality translation, on time.

OUR technologies for professional translation services

Machine Translation

We use NMT and MT to translate large volumes of data. Translations are post edited and throughly checked for quality by linguists

Language Intelligence

Previously translated segments are automatically matched, helping to save time and money and boost efficiency and productivity.


Terminology Management

Key terms and phrases are identified and saved for each, helping maintain quality and consistency across documents and files

Automated Tracking

Upload documents, get quotes, track progress, download translations and view invoices from your secure customer portal

We offer

Machine Translation
Post Editing

Machine Translation + Human Editing Services in 35+ languages.

The speed and efficiency of a machine with the quality guarantee of human translators.

MTPE services


So, what does an expert translator do? A professional translator reads the material properly and understands both the source and target languages of a translation. But what’s more important is, a skilled translator communicates the cultural concepts of the material, not just written words. A proficient translator converts both the written words and the meaning of a message, using accurate grammar and syntax, into whatever target-language is.

What makes Milestone Localization the best professional language service provider? Well, we use 100% native human translators. Our expert translators are not only native speakers of your target language, but they are skilled in the terminology specific to your industry. We have a network of 1000s of tested and screened translators to give you error-free and culturally relevant translations.

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