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Over-The-Phone Interpretation(OPI)

Over-the-phone interpretation services are one of the most cost-effective and efficient interpretation solutions to communicate with your clients, customers, and more by allowing three-way communication between the speaker, listener, and interpreter. 

We will understand your requirements and connect you with the best interpreter having the required skills and expertise. The interpreter will log in through our software at the designated time to provide accurate consecutive interpretation.

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)

Communicate effectively without any language or cultural barriers with our video interpretation services. They are ideal for situations where visual queues are of prime importance to prevent any misunderstandings.

Video Remote Interpreting facilitates better non-verbal communication and establishes a more personal connection with the viewer. 

They are faster, cheaper, and can be easily set up with a computer or a mobile device with a webcam and internet connection

In-person Interpretation

We provide in-person interpretation services at select locations in India for meetings, conferences, exhibitions, and lectures.

Our experienced professional interpreters can provide simultaneous or consecutive in-person interpretation services based on your preference. We work with native linguists with the domain expertise to ensure high-quality and accurate interpretations.

Get in touch with us to know more about the language pairs, industry experts, and a list of cities we currently serve. 


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Milestone Localization is certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for having in place strong security of information and quality management systems for “End to end translation and localization services.”

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Simultaneous Interpretation services

Simultaneous interpretation is a type of language interpretation where the interpreter listens to the speaker and immediately translates their words into the target language.

It is often used in conferences and other events where speakers are speaking in different languages and attendees need to understand the content in real-time. 


Consecutive Interpretation Services

Consecutive interpretation is a type of language interpretation where the interpreter listens to the speaker and then provides a translation after the speaker has finished speaking.

It is often used in settings where there is a need for an in-depth understanding of the speaker’s words and allows for a more complete and accurate translation. 



Our team will note down your requirements


Shortlist the right interpreters according to skills and expertise


Interpreters connect with you to understand the content


Interpretation will be done in the mode of your choice


Accurate interpretations in 50+ languages

Native interpreters from across the world

Domain experts with 4+ years of experience


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Business meetings









Interpretation Services

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98% of our clients say they would recommend our services to a colleague

“When it comes to Translation Services, there are a number of companies that talk a good game, but Vinit and his team from Milestone Localization make it happen! They have facilitated Central Test to advance on projects effortlessly and on time while providing quality services. They take this further by accepting and implementing recommendations whilst upholding a personal connection with us.” 

Interpretation Services

“We have been working with Milestone Localization for over a year now and the experience has been great. The team is prompt in delivering the final content, extremely understanding & supportive in accommodating last-minute changes, and always eager to suggest improvements. It’s a pleasure working with them.” 

Interpretation Services
“I would like to take this opportunity for thanking your entire team for a great turnaround without compromising quality on the recent Branchx project. Your team’s dedication and hard work on the project despite the multiple iterations requested is commendable without which we would not have completed the project on time. Thank you again for the extraordinary support and looking forward to working with your team in the future.”
Interpretation Services



Translation is a process of converting written texts from one language to another. It can be done at any time and does not require the presence of the source language speaker. It is typically done between written languages.

Translators need to have a strong command of both the source and target language as well as a good understanding of the subject matter.



Interpretation is the oral translation of spoken words from one language to another. It is a two-way communication, where the interpreter conveys spoken words from one language to another in real time. So, it requires the presence of the source and target language speakers.

Interpreters need to have excellent listening and speaking skills, as well as the ability to convey the meaning accurately and concisely.


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How much do language interpretation services cost?

Interpretation services can be charged hourly, daily or monthly based on your requirements. In situations where the interpretation session extends for 15 minutes or more than the agreed time, additional charges apply.

The cost also depends on the language pair, event and location.

To get a price for your project, email our sales team the details for a quote.

Can I speak to the interpreter before the event date?

Yes. After we shortlist the interpreters based on their skills and experience, you can have a short interview to check if they are the right fit for your project. Once you confirm the interpreter, you can also set up a paid dry session or rehearsal for 30 minutes before the date of the actual interpretation if required.

How many days in advance should I book an interpreter?

Ideally, it is recommended to reserve the interpreter at least 15 days before the assignment because they are frequently preoccupied with other projects and require time to prepare.

What is the difference between simultaneous and consecutive interpretations?

In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter listens to the speaker and begins translating their words into the target language before the speaker has finished speaking.

In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter listens to the speaker and then provides a translation after the speaker has finished speaking.

Are your interpreters specialised in our domain/ industry?

Yes. We work with interpreters with a minimum of 4+ years of experience with domain expertise. You can communicate your requirements with our team, and we will shortlist the best interpreters based on their experience, skills and expertise.