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Need for expert translations in the manufacturing industry

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Manufacturing translation is translating documents and other content related to manufacturing processes and products. It includes translating user manuals, guides, safety instructions, regulatory documents and more.

Manufacturing translation has become increasingly important in today’s competitive marketplace. It is essential for companies operating in multiple regions and needs to communicate with employees and stakeholders who speak different languages.

According to a study, 22% of manufacturing companies report that they couldn’t pursue businesses or lost businesses because of language barriers. However, accurate translations help you break the language barrier and facilitate effective communication with global customers.

Additionally, translating documents such as employee training materials, safety instructions, procedures, and processes will minimize the risk of errors and accidents.

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Certified Translations

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ISO 17100 Certified translation company

ISO 17100:2015 CERTIFIED

Milestone Localization is certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for having in place strong security of information and quality management systems for “End to end translation and localization services.”

We consider the ISO 17100 certification important and demonstrate our commitment to the needs of our customers worldwide.

Accurate Manufacturing Translations for any document

  • User/Maintenance Manuals
  • Product installation manuals
  • Technical documents
  • Product descriptions
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Process documents
  • Safety warnings & labels
  • Packaging & shipping labels
  • Marketing materials
  • Contracts & Agreements
  • Operation Manuals
  • Software Help
  • CAD Drawings
  • Service manuals
  • Training manuals
  • Testing Documents
  • Technical Specifications
  • Safety Documentation
  • PLM Reports
  • Legal documents
  • Quality Assurance Manuals
  • Process Control Documents
  • Engineering Training Courses
  • Contact agreements
  • Datasheets
  • Software and Hardware UI
  • Compliance Documents
  • Product Labels 
  • Automobile Instructions
  • Patents


“When it comes to Translation Services, there are a number of companies that talk a good game, but Vinit and his team from Milestone Localization make it happen! They have facilitated Central Test to advance on projects effortlessly and on time while providing quality services. They take this further by accepting and implementing recommendations whilst upholding a personal connection with us.” 

Professional Manufacturing Translation Services

“We have been working with Milestone Localization for over a year now and the experience has been great. The team is prompt in delivering the final content, extremely understanding & supportive in accommodating last-minute changes, and always eager to suggest improvements. It’s a pleasure working with them.” 

Professional Manufacturing Translation Services
“I would like to take this opportunity for thanking your entire team for a great turnaround without compromising quality on the recent Branchx project. Your team’s dedication and hard work on the project despite the multiple iterations requested is commendable without which we would not have completed the project on time. Thank you again for the extraordinary support and looking forward to working with your team in the future.”
Professional Manufacturing Translation Services

Powered By Technology Translated By Humans

Machine Translation

We use NMT and MT to translate large volumes of data. Translations are post edited and throughly checked for quality by linguists

Language Intelligence

Previously translated segments are automatically matched, helping to save time and money and boost efficiency and productivity.


Terminology Management

Key terms and phrases are identified and saved for each, helping maintain quality and consistency across documents and files

Automated Tracking

Upload documents, get quotes, track progress, download translations and view invoices from your secure customer portal


We understand manufacturing translation requires a high level of precision and expertise, which is why we select expert linguists best suited for each of your projects after careful consideration of the nature of the project and its complexity.

We have a robust process in place, including proofreading, editing, quality assessment, and typesetting to ensure our translations are of the highest quality.

If you are looking for a reliable translation partner for your manufacturing translation, we are here to help.

By partnering with us, you get:

  • A dedicated project manager for each project
  • Native translator with domain expertise
  • Quality assessed accurate translations delivered on time.
  • Unlimited revisions to translated content based on your feedback

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How much do manufacturing translation services cost?

The manufacturing translation cost varies according to the word count, type of content, domain, language pair, and turnaround time. Get in touch to get a free quotation.

How long does manufacturing translation take?

The time taken to translate a document related to manufacturing depends on the complexity, length, language pair and overall nature of the document. We can provide you with a timeline after an analysis of your project. 

How do you guarantee the quality of your translation?

  • We only work with native language translators who understand the essence and context of the original text to deliver high-quality and accurate translations.
  • Our translators have a minimum of 4 years of experience in their domain.
  • An additional round of proofreading and editing is done to ensure an error-free translation
  • All our translations go through a quality assessment to ensure accuracy.

How do you maintain the confidentiality of the data?

Maintaining confidentiality of the data is of utmost priority to us. We use the latest technology, strict non-disclosure agreements and conduct regular audits to ensure confidentiality and data security.