Game Localization

Level Up in the world of gaming.
Localize your game so players around the world feel like it was created just for them.

App Localization

Why Game Localization?

Increase Global Sales

When customers find information they can understand, they are more likely to buy your credits and game power ups.

Increase Downloads

A fully localized game attracts more gamers. They are 62% more likely to download a game thats available in their native language

Increase User Engagement

When a game is available in a native language, gamers empathize and immerse themselves in the story, spending more time and money

is game localization worth it?

Localizing your game opens it up to millions of potential new gamers. The PC and mobile gamers are available in over 150 countries and users prefer to download games in their native language.

Having your game localized can help you:

  • stay competitive in a tough market.

  • Boost your popularity in the gaming markets.
  • Build relationships between you and gamers.

  • Increase engagement and revenue

  • growth in Mobile games account- 77%
  • Global Game Revenue from Asia – 56%
  • Potential Increase in revenue per country – 36%
  • Gaming Revenue in 2019 increased by – 35%

Why Choose our Localization Services?


Translation of product descriptions, user reviews, keywords, branding and customer support.

SEO, Marketing

International keyword research, creation of culturally relevant content and localization of media.


Subtitling, voiceovers, dubbing, and transcription of eLearning training videos.

Software & Apps

Translation and localization of content and graphics. Formatting of new layouts.


Translation of argeements, contracts, patents, trademarks, copywrites and licenses.

GAME localization services

Translation and Adaption


Multilingual Voice Over

100+ Language Pairs

game localization services

Localization Engineering

Localization QA


Transcreation and Creative Writing