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Three Types of Transcription Services

We offer three types of transcription. You can pick the most suitable based on language, budget, audio clarity, quality and delivery time.

Machine Transcription

We use the best machine technology to give text outputs in 30+ languages. This is perfect for small budgets and projects with low quality requirements/


Machine Transcription + Human Editing

This is perfect for high-quality videos and audio with single speaker narrations. Humans QC the file to ensure accuracy.

Human Transcription

Transcription done from scratch by human experts. Perfect for multiple speakers, heavy accents and unclear audio. Available in 100+ languages.

transcription services

With our online transcription services, we’re able to efficiently transcribe audio and video content in multiple languages, into text scripts.

We understand the nuances of language and the effect accents can have on speech- A dialogue between two Scotsmen will always be transcribed by a Scottish resident to ensure quality and accuracy.

We also offer live video and phone transcription as well as on-site transcription in select cities. All transcriptions are checked and double-checked to ensure quality.


Professional Transcription Services


Accurate & Complete Transcriptions


Transcriber Terminology Management

Professional transcription services


Literary Transcription Services

The literary transcription contains every word of dictation. It includes filler words like “um”, “er” and “uh”. It also lists moments of laughter, strangulation, pauses, incomplete sentences, and other sounds made during the communication process.

Intelligent Transcription Services

Intelligent transcription excludes filler words, laughter, repeated words,and sounds that are not needed to transmit the meaning of the message. Light editing is provided for the final product to correct grammatical errors and eliminate incomplete sentences.


Edited Transcription Services

Edited transcription services are commonly used when a text needs to be translated. The audio is first transcribed and timestamped. It is then translated in the different target languages.

Accurate professional Transcriptions services

Why use a transcription service Agency?

Transcription is the process of converting a spoken message into a written one. When speech is transmitted, it is easy to share, edit, order, and cross-reference. A trained professional transcriptionist listens carefully to the interview, presentation, dialogue or other audio video format and transmits the conversation accurately to written text.

Our transcription professionals are experienced and well versed in 70+ languages ​. 

For complicated and technical content, like medical, legal or scientific content, we have subject matter experts who can accurately understand and transcribe your audio into text.

All our proccesses are adabtable and scalable according to your needs.


Why choose our Professional Transcription services?


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