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Professional eCommerce translation services so you can sell globally in 70+ languages.

eCommerce Translation services

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CMS COnnectors and custom API’s for continuous localization

We can connect with your CMS with custom connectors for automated and continuous website localization.
If you’ve built on a custom platform, we can develop custom API’s to seamlessly integrate with our translation systems.

















eCommerce translation services

International Ecommerce Translation

International buyers can find your website and order your products from any part of the world. Profitable eCommerce companies recognize this and build their global footprints by making their store available in all major languages.

Customers are 4x as likely to shop from a store if the information is available in their first language.

By translating product descriptions, customer reviews, delivery and payment information and customer communications, you can engage global buyers and expand your footprint.

Our eCommerce translation services include end-to-end localization by native experts. 

Product Description localization

Users from China, France, and Korea don’t purchase online from eCommerce websites that are only in English.

If your eCommerce product descriptions are only in English, then you’re losing out huge traffic to your eCommerce website and global customers.

Localization goes beyond just language. You have to make your sizes, prices, dates and other specifications available in a format that local customers understand.



eCommerce translation services
eCommerce review translation services

User Review Translation on your eCommerce website

International e-commerce websites receive a lot user-generated content in different languages.Most of this is user reviews and customer questions.

Customer reviews play a big role in driving buyer confidence and ultimately sales. They need to be translated so customers in every part of the world can read the information and use it to make buying decisions.

Since many of these reviews are short text, Milestone Localization can provide real-time translation and sentiment tagging.

APP Translation for a seamless Ecommerce Experience

The fastest digital transformation of the world is taking place due to the mobile revolution. Studies show that today 70% of all digital content is generated by mobile devices and 80% of all digital content is consumed on mobile devices.

For eCommerce, most product descriptions and user reviews are created and read on mobile devices. Majority of orders are placed on hand held devices. 

For large-scale e-commerce translations, desktop-only translation solutions are not enough to meet the requirements. That’s why Milestone Localization’s all-in-one translation solution provides language solutions for your website, mobile site and app.

eCommerce Mobile translation
eCommerce translation services

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We understand your need for translating your online store with the best linguistic quality, while achieving cost savings and attaining speed.

The aim of every piece of content on your site is to build buyer confidence and increase sales. Our translation will reflect this.

Milestone Localization uses only professional native linguists with e-commerce and marketing experience to produce top quality, error-free translations that resonate with local audiences.

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