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Our professional Gujarati translation services are distinguished by their precision and dependability, custom-made to fulfill the varied requirements of our clientele. We exclusively collaborate with native Gujarati translators who demonstrate extensive linguistic proficiency and possess expertise in a wide range of subject areas. This combination of skills guarantees that each translation is not only linguistically precise but also contextually fitting and culturally pertinent.

We provide an extensive array of services that go beyond traditional translation and localization. Our offerings encompass transcription, interpretation, voiceover, and subtitling, addressing a wide range of content needs. Our team ensures accuracy and excellence in translating legal documents, marketing materials, technical manuals, and multimedia content. Our dedication to achieving the highest standards is demonstrated through our accreditation in ISO 17100 and 9001, underscoring our commitment to excellence in the field.

Opting for our Gujarati translation services guarantees that your content will be meticulously managed and translated with expert precision. Rely on our proficient Gujarati translators to provide outstanding outcomes, facilitating effective and seamless communication within the Gujarati-speaking audience. 

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Why translate in Gujarati?

Gujarati Infographic

It is spoken by over 60 million people worldwide


It is One of the most commonly spoken languages in India.


Gujarati is written in a script derived from Devanagari, with 52 letters.


It is the official language of Gujarat 


The language has different regional dialects such as Surati Gujarati, Kathiawadi Gujarati, Charotar Gujarati, and Kutchi Gujarati.

Where is the Gujarati language spoken?

Gujarati is the official language of Gujarat, a state in western India, and is spoken by more than 55 million native speakers globally, making it one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.   With a population of over 60 million people, Gujarat is where the Gujarati language has deep cultural and historical roots.

In addition to Gujarat, Gujarati is also spoken in significant numbers in nearby states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra, as well as in the union territory of Daman and Diu. Gujarati-speaking communities can be found in various parts of the world, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and East Africa, due to historical migration trends.

The widespread usage of Gujarati highlights its importance as a regional language and a key part of the linguistic diversity of the Indian subcontinent.   The language’s cultural richness, diverse dialects, and global presence all contribute to its position as a significant and influential language in the region and beyond. 

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Gujarati Language Dialects

Gujarati, which is the official language of the Indian state of Gujarat, is recognized for its variety of regional dialects that have developed over many years. Although the standardized version of Gujarati is commonly used throughout the state, different areas have created their distinct linguistic differences shaped by local customs, traditions, and historical factors. Some of the prominent Gujarati language variations include Surati Gujarati, which is spoken in the southern areas of Gujarat and is distinctive with its melodious tone and vocabulary. Kathiawadi Gujarati, commonly spoken in the Saurashtra region, is known for its lively and expressive manner.

Charotar Gujarati, found in central districts, incorporates elements from nearby languages like Hindi and Marathi. Kutchi Gujarati, spoken in the Kutch district, shows a significant influence from Sindhi and is recognized for its unique grammar. These varied dialects not only enhance the depth of the Gujarati language but also showcase the cultural diversity present within the state.


In an increasingly globalized business landscape, our English to Gujarati translation services stand out as a pivotal asset for companies aiming to enhance customer engagement, market penetration, and brand reputation. Leveraging the expertise of our native Bengali translators and subject matter experts, we ensure high-quality, contextually relevant translations that resonate with the target audience.

Effective communication in the native language not only builds trust but also fosters deeper connections with customers, significantly boosting sales and fostering international partnerships. Our professional translation services unlock new markets, facilitating global expansion and crafting a compelling brand narrative that transcends cultural barriers.

By investing in our linguistic and cultural proficiency, businesses can achieve strategic growth and success, positioning themselves as inclusive and customer-centric entities in a diverse marketplace. This strategic advantage underscores the transformative impact of adept translation services in elevating a brand’s global footprint.

Gujarati to English translation services

Milestone Localization provides a wide range of translation and customization services to help you extend your global footprint, elevate conversion rates, and drive sales growth through tailored content and optimized digital experiences.


Our translation services from Hindi to Gujarati are known for their high quality and reliability, which can be attributed to the expertise of our native translators and subject matter specialists. The deep understanding of both Hindi and Gujarati languages and culture within our team ensures precise and culturally appropriate translations. We take pride in delivering authentic translations that preserve cultural subtleties and resonate with the target audience.

By involving native speakers and subject matter experts throughout the translation process, we ensure the highest level of quality and authenticity in our final products. Our services facilitate effective communication and promote meaningful connections across languages, ensuring that your message is impactful and engaging.  

You can rely on our expert team to help you overcome language barriers and expand your reach within the Gujarati-speaking community. Choose our services for translations that accurately convey your message while also respecting and reflecting the cultural context, adding significant value to your business or personal communication requirements. 

Our Professional Gujarati Translation Services

Gujarati Document Translation Services

Our Gujarati document translation services are indispensable for businesses looking to establish effective communication with Gujarati-speaking clientele and partners. Precise translation plays a crucial role in ensuring clarity and building trust in business transactions, particularly for vital documents such as contracts, agreements, and marketing materials.

Our team of native Gujarati translators and subject matter specialists ensures accurate and culturally appropriate translations that resonate with the target audience. Through the translation of these significant documents, we streamline business operations and facilitate expansion into Gujarati-speaking markets, thus increasing market outreach and customer interaction.

Additionally, we offer certified translations to fulfill regulatory requirements, guaranteeing compliance with agencies that necessitate translation certifications for official paperwork. You can rely on our expertise to provide dependable translations that maintain the integrity of your content and facilitate seamless communication and legal conformity in Gujarati-speaking areas

Gujarati Legal Translation Services 

Our professional translation agency provides certified solutions for your Gujarati legal translation requirements, supported by a team of highly skilled and qualified translators. We recognize the essential significance of precision and integrity in legal documents, which is why we utilize native Gujarati translators with expertise in legal terminology and conventions.

Our legal translation services in Gujarati encompass a diverse array of documents, such as contracts, agreements, court papers, patents, trademarks, and more. We deliver certified translations that are recognized by international regulatory bodies, guaranteeing that your translated materials fulfill the essential legal standards. Furthermore, we extend sworn translation services, where our translators furnish a signed declaration affirming the precision and entirety of the translation, frequently mandated by courts, governmental entities, and other authoritative organizations.

Our translators have a thorough comprehension of Gujarati legal terminology and profound insight into international legal issues, enabling them to proficiently manage intricate legal documents with accuracy and dependability. Rely on our team of Gujarati legal translation specialists to effectively decipher your confidential paperwork and facilitate seamless communication across various languages and legal systems. 


With brands and businesses that operate across 21 cities in India, our localisation needs are the heart of brand communications at Captain Fresh. The team at Milestone has been a reliable partner with our localisation and translation mandate. They are diligent, work comfortably in challenging timelines and are always open to feedback. We are confident of a long-lasting relationship with Milestone.”

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