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How To Localize Your Website For China

China has become the fastest-growing market for internet commerce in the world and by the end of 2020, it might reach over $1 trillion. This is why the Chinese market is so attractive for everyone who wants to expand their business abroad. Undoubtedly, China offers...
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Medical Document Translation – 5 Simple Ways for Quality Assurance

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10 Marketing Translation Mistakes by Big Brands

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ISO 17100 Certified translation company

We’re An ISO 17100 Certified Translation Company!

We are now an ISO 17100 certified translation company! Milestone Localization is officially certified on 23rd September 2020 for ‘End to End Translation and Localization Services.’ Here is everything you need to know- 1. Introduction to the standard ISO stands for...
Linguist recruitment

How To Recruit The Right Translator

A fundamental tenet of language services is that an organisation’s translation product will only be as good as the linguist who writes the target content. An LSP’s linguist network (among other things) determines the quality of its services. As a vendor manager, it is...