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Cat Tool - Feature Image

CAT Tool -Features & Benefits- Why Every LSP & Translator Should Use One

Computer-Assisted Translation tools or CAT tools are software applications primarily used by professional translators and LSPs. Their purpose is to simplify and speed up the process of translation for linguists. For LSPs, CAT tools make translation project management...
Mobile app Localization

6 Reasons Why Mobile App Localization Matters For Global Success

You saw an interesting app on the App Store, however, the content of the mobile app is only available in German. If you a non-German speaker, would you download it? Probably not. This is why Mobile App Localization matters. Today, nearly half of the world population...
Korean to English Translation

Mistakes Linguists Make in Korean to English Translation

Korean translation is the art (and science) of converting another language into Korean or converting Korean into another language. This article shall focus on Korean to English translation. This translation can be carried out by software, human, or a combination of...
medical document translation

Medical Document Translation – 5 Simple Ways for Quality Assurance

Medical document translation is one of the oldest and most universal forms of scientific translation. After all, human anatomy and physiology are pretty much the same in every part of the world. Although translation might not occupy a central position in medicine, it...
cryptocurrency translation

Translation for Cryptocurrency Websites and Whitepapers

Cryptocurrencies are global by nature. As decentralised currencies with no central authority that sets their value, they have no central location. There is no real barrier to buying cryptocurrency, this means that there are miners, investors and traders in every...
Languages in The middle East

What Are The Main Languages Spoken In The Middle East?

The Middle East refers to the lands around the eastern and southern coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, the Arabian Peninsula, and Northern Africa. It is a region in Africa and Asia and its territory comprised of 17 countries: Bahrain, Cyprus, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait,...
Spanish language localization for LA and European regions

Spanish Localization: Should You Localize into LA or European Spanish?

Thinking of Spanish Localization for your website or app? Which dialect should you use? Latin American or European Spanish? As suggested by recent demographic and economic factors, Spanish is a highly relevant language market today. According to data from Instituto...