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e-Learning translation services makes your digital educational experiences accessible to students and employees around the world.

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e-Learning localization

What is elearning translation & Localization?

E-learning takes teaching beyond traditional classrooms, creating a path to flexible, self-reliant, and flexible learning.

It makes courses accessible to students and employees around the world.

We specialize in providing translation and localization services for online courses for learners in different countries.

Our e-learning localization services aim to not only translate educational content but to adapt images, sounds and examples.

Our eLearning translation company works only with the expert’s bi-lingual translators who works on courses so they resonate with local learners.

why you need e-Learning Localization ?

Are you a course author?

Translate your e-learning content into multiple languages and get global!


Non-English speaking countries have the highest growth in online learners


Make your information accessible to students everywhere


Create a global footprint and make a difference in international education

e-Learning localization

Are you an e-learning platform?

Provide course localization as an additional service to your writers!


Get into the global development of the e-learning industry.


Get an additional source of value-added income without creating new content


Get the edge over monolingual competitors by reaching new markets

Our e-learning localization services include



Flawless transcribed audio recordings by transcription specialists.



professional video subtitles and captions in all major languages.


Voiceover by expert recording artists in your preferred language and style.

Test Translation

Q&A translation of all major languages ​​and dialects by native translators.


Learning Material Translation

Localize text, images, tables, currency and numbers for international learners

Website Localization

Help international learners find and understand your offerings

Advantages of our e-Learning Localization 

There is absolutely no substitute for local language learning experience e-Learning courses and materials. We truly understand each training course and materials are different and specific to the subject.

Milestone Localization’s team of expert project managers, native linguists, voiceover artists, and technical experts make sure that all e-Learning courses, modules, and materials are analyzed carefully and effectively, localized and translated accurately, and deliver the project on time within your budget.

We provide end-to-end solutions and deliver publishing-ready tests, videos and modules. 

What is Involved in eLearning course translations into multiple languages?



Content is extracted from the source files and converted to a translation-ready format. A custom work flow is designed for the project and a checklist, style guide and term list is made.



Our expert linguists perform text translation of all training materials including localized curriculum guidelines. Our 3-tier translation process ensures accuracy and consistency across all project components.



Our localization experts review translated content, making sure that materials are culturally appropriate for the target audience. We adapt currencies, measurements, images and colours in this stage.



After localization, we integrate and test all components including audio, video, and animation to provide end-users with the same experience as the original source content.



After integration. we validate the localized course, including knowledge checks, assessments, and quizzes. Our testers make sure there are no broken elements and the localised course is true to thee source.


Final Delivery

The final course is published in the final format along with the localized instructional materials & delivered to the client

Can you do your e-learning translation project in-house?

A well-localised course makes the learner feel like the material was created just for them.

Localization goes beyond just translation– measurements, currencies, spelling, colours and examples need to recreated and converted for a fully native experience.

Localizing your e-learning courses for international audiences can be long, expensive and challenging. However, if done right, the results can be incredibly rewarding.

Here are some of the challenges of doing localization in-house:


Poor Translation Quality

Your employees’ translations might not be up-to-the-mark as they might not have the subject matter expertise or experience requires to professionally translate long courses.


Access to Translation Tools

Your employees may not have access to CAT tools used by professional translators that build translation memory and help maintain consistency and quality of translations.

eLearning Translation Agency

Missed Timelines

A professional translator can convert around 2000 words a day. You also need time to review and proofread translations. Using internal resources can lead to long delays missed deadlines.


Lack of Processes

Your staff may not have the right set processes and expertise to translate, edit, validate, and also correctly layout the converted message. 

eLearning Translation in 70+ Languages

We have professional native translators, voiceover talents, and subject matter experts in over 70+ languages. We can localize your eLearning materials with quality and speed in all the major languages.

Chinese (ZS)                    Hindi (HI)

Spanish (ES)                    Japanese (JA)

English (EN)                    Portuguese (PT)

Arabic (AR)                      Russian (RU)


Training modules and websites

Certification and assessment programs

Classroom-based instructional material

PPT and multimedia presentations

Audio lessons and voiceovers

Training and certification programs

Our Promise


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Up to 10% Changes Are Free

Changed your mind? Up to 10% changes in source content are free of cost


Milestoneloc produces high-quality localization for online and interactive content, scripts, assessments and quizzes, multilingual content synchronization, course publishing, graphics localization, extensive writing, and all kinds of file formats.

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Our Professional E Learning Translators

Native Bi-Lingual Speakers

Subject Matter Experts in 30+ Fields

100+ Language Pairs

e-Learning localization

9 Years Average Experience


2,200,000 Words Translated on Average

Handpicked professionals with Eye for Detail


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