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Mobile app translation services in 70+ languages.

Get more downloads, improve user engagement, and increase revenue from international users.

App translation vs Localization

is app Translation worth it?

Translating your app opens it up to millions of potential new users. The App Store and Google Play are available in over 150 countries and users prefer to download apps in their native language.

Having your app translated can help you:

  • Increase your app’s ‘discoverability’ on the App Store and Play Store
  • Improve app rankings and customer retention
  • Enrich user experience, increase engagement and boost brand visibility
  • Boost downloads exponentially and increase revenues internationally
  • growth in global app downloads- 60%
  • Global App Revenue from Asia – 41%
  • Potential Increase in revenue per country – 26%
  • English Speaking Internet Users – 25%

mobile app localization services

Localize your app in 70+ languages to reach users around the world.

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Which languages to localize your App in?

Less than 20% of the world understands English. The biggest growth in smartphone adaption and app downloads is coming from non-English speaking countries like India, Brazil, China and Indonesia.

There are more than 1 Billion smartphone users in Asia- Pacific. If you want to expand globally, you must create a native experience for international users.

According to statistics, without a doubt the most significant market for applications right now is China. China downloads more than two times the amount of apps compared to other countries.

Other prominent target languages for apps consist of Portuguese (Brazilian Portuguese), Indonesian, Korean, and Japanese.

We can help you create and execute a winning app localization strategy

App Localization Languages

App localization for IOS vs Android?

Android vs IOS

With Milestoneloc’s technology and flexible service structure, you can execute any type of iOS app localization or Android application localization.

We deliver fully localized, ready to publish strings for Android, iOS and web applications.

The Apple App Store and the Google Play Store offer a wide variety of language choices for customers to pick from. We’ve got you covered- our network of linguists can translate your app in 70+ languages from Afrikaans to Zulu.

Reach Android and Apple users in 150+ countries and create a native experience for every customer.

Benefits of App translation and localization services

Reach new users across the globe

Increase downloads

Better user experience and engagement

Improve discoverability on App store and Play store

Higher user retention and revenue

Increased brand loyalty

Why Choose our App translation services?


Get a Quote Within 4 Hours

Experience our commitment to deadlines even before we start your project

99.9% Accuracy and Top Quality

We use the best linguists and latest technology to ensure translation quality

On Time Delivery- Every Time

We promise to deliver on time. Get 10% off each day delayed if we can’t keep our promise

Up to 10% Changes Are Free

Changed your mind? Up to 10% changes in source content are free of cost

ISO 17100:2015 CERTIFIED

ISO 17100 Certified translation company - Milestone Localization

Milestone Localization is certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for having in place strong security of information and quality management systems for “End to end translation and localization services.”

We consider the ISO 17100 certification important and demonstrate our commitment to the needs of our customers worldwide. 

Solutions provided for your mobile app localization

Github Integration

Our systems can connect with Github continuous localization of your app code.

Linguistic Testing

Our testers perform a full linguistic check for wrong line-breaks, junk characters and contextual inaccuracies.


Metadata Translation

Localization of UI is not enough. We translate app titles, descriptions, keywords and multimedia.

Multilmedia Localization

We will localize your colours, fonts, images, audio and videos so international users have a fully native app experience.

App Store Optimization

We offer keyword research and ASO in 70+ languages so users can find your newly localized app.

Free Pseudolocalization

We first machine-translate the source file to test the flexibility (expansion/contraction of words) of your original design before we start localization.

how our app translation services works


Localization Engineering

to extract text from app strings for translation.


Translation & Transcreation

by native linguists to adapt content for local audiences.


Multimedia Localization

of images, videos, infographics & case studies. 


App Store Optimisation

to identify relevant keywords in the target language so customers can find you. 


Linguistic Testing

for UI, functional, cross-browser and linguistic accuracy

How we can help


We translate your text to match context, tone and intent so that your message resonates with an international audience.


We localize images, icons and videos so that even across continents, customers will understand the goals, vision and benefits of your products.

Market Research

With 150+ languages, it can be difficult to decide which ones to translate into. We help you narrow down your search with data backed advice.

Keyword Research

We can handle multilingual keyword research to help potential customers in new markets discoover you application

Linguistic Testing

We proofread and test the app to ensure that all language rules are followed and that it flows in a natural and meaningful way.


We maintain style guides and translation memory for each customer to ensure a consistent brand voice and vision across languages.


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