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Toyama App Arabic Version
Toyama App Arabic Version
Toyama App Arabic Version
Toyama App Arabic Version

 Translating the toyama mobile App in Arabic and german

Toyama wanted to translate their app in Arabic and German for their growing customer base in the Middle East and Germany.
They have clients in various Gulf countries and opted for ‘Standard Arabic’.

Their app was internationalized and ready for translation. They sent us JSON files and we extracted the text for translation. We made a list of the key terms for translation and transliteration.

After translation, we put the translated Arabic and German text back in the strings and delivered a localized json file.



Toyama App Arabic Version

“Milestone did a great job of translating our app in Arabic. Communication was smooth and everything was delivered as promised. Highly recommend their services.”

– Omar, CTO, Toyama Controls & Systems

Toyama App Arabic Version
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