How online businesses can succeed with Language Localization in the most linguistically diverse country in the world.

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India’s e-commerce industry is growing


It is expected to rise to the US $200 billion by 2026.

This surge is aided by the increasing availability of cheap internet providers like Jio and cost-effective smartphones that increase India’s internet population by millions each year.

E-commerce has also received an unprecedented boost by the Covid-19 lockdowns which have prompted many consumers, especially from Tier II and Tier III cities, to shift online. This presents a world of opportunities for online businesses.

But tapping into this market requires knowing your audience. And in India, language plays an important role in identity and defines market choices.

Here is how your online store can succeed and win customers in a country with 22 official languages and over 1000 unofficial languages.

What’s inside

Which sectors and cities are contributing to the eCommerce growth in India.
The biggest and fastest-growing online languages in India.
How businesses translate their content to reach buyers in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.
How translation and language localization can give you a competitive edge.
The languages you should prioritize for translation for your online store.

Book sections

eCommerce growth in India in 2020
E-commerce in Tier II and Tier III cities
What are the major Indian languages online?
Top 5 languages you should translate your online store in
How translations give you a competitive edge
Ecommerce India eBook
Linguistic Diversity in India
What types of products do Indians buy online?
Which regions buy the most?
The businesses that will benefit the most from translation
How Milestone Localization can help you build for ‘Bharath’

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eCommerce in India: How To Succeed With Local Language Localization

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