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Translation style guide template

Simplify your localization process by aligning expectations, maintaining consistency, and quality of translated content.

Translation style guide template

Why do you need a translation style guide?

A translation style guide is an essential resource for localization, providing valuable instructions to maintain consistency and coherence across the translation process. It helps to achieve effective communication with the target audience.

It can be challenging to create a translation style guide, but it is a useful way to establish expectations among clients, LSPs, and linguists.

Ensuring consistency, quality, and alignment of content is crucial to delivering a successful message. By implementing this approach, you can guarantee that every piece of content meets the highest standards and effectively conveys your message.

What’s inside our translation style guide template?


A comprehensive & easily editable template for a smooth & streamlined translation & localization project.


Additional tips & best practices for preparing a style guide. 


Details & examples of what your translation style guide must-have. 


Use this template to create a style guide for an effective localization process.

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Benefits of translation style guide and template 

Ensures consistent, professional translations with uniform language and terminology

Speeds up translation, reducing time for revisions

By promoting consistency and efficiency, these tools contribute to cost savings in translation projects

Minimize the occurance of errors among collaborators

Helps maintain brand consistency by specifying how brand-specific terms, phrases, and messaging should be translated

Templates save time by offering structure, allowing translators to focus on content

Helps to identify errors or deviations from established guidelines early in the translation process

Download the free translation style guide template now

Our FREE template contains the structure of a comprehensive style guide and powerful examples that will help you draft your own style guide for an effective localization process.


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