7 Reasons To Work With a Translation Company on Your Next Project

Kristina Temelkova

I am born and raised in Bulgaria, but I'm currently living in Vienna, Austria. Besides content writing, I work as a translator, video editor, and caption writer. At present, I’m also finishing my master’s degree in applied linguistics at the University of Vienna. I speak four languages: Bulgarian, English, German, and Russian.

Are you trying to break into a new foreign market? Then you will probably need help from a translation company.

Is your main goal success? Then probably it will be best to turn to a professional translation company.

Of course, there is also Google translate, which is completely free.

Also, you could ask your child’s English teacher to translate your project for a much lower cost than an agency.

Then why bother to go the extra mile and reach out to a professional translation service?

Well, you might as well read our article to find out about the 7 benefits of using a certified translation company.

1. Translation companies provide top-quality translation

A professional translation company can provide the best quality services. Simply put, a freelance translator can only translate for you, however. When it comes to localization and proofreading, you will need to look for someone else.

On the other hand, working with a translation agency will guarantee you top-quality services. Translation service companies test, screen, and only then hire professional translators.

They have translators who specialize in a specific field such as a website or legal translation, for instance. After understanding your requirement, they pick the perfect translator, proofreader, and reviewer for your project.

There are usually 2-3 people checking the translated content, plus a machine to run automated checks.

A translation company will have the right workflow, trained people, and technology to ensure top quality.

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2. Translation Company provides all-in-one services

When you are adapting your content for a new market, you require more than just translation. You will need localization, linguistic testing, desktop publishing, and more.

Localization is as important as translation. Localization ensures your whole content will be adapted to the market your aiming for – this includes colour palettes, layout, images, and even your logo, and slogan.

Translation vs Localization

Oftentimes translation service companies hire native speakers who know the local culture as well as the language of your target market. These people will make sure that even the smallest detail is appropriate and that there are no ambiguities or imprecisions.

Moreover, having an SEO strategy will ensure your success.  An agency will take care of that as well so you don’t have to worry about it! While most professional translators are well-educated on the matter, most freelance translators do not understand how SEO works.

Translation companies offer all kinds of services such as website analysis and proofreading. Agencies will ensure full-circle management of your project, so you don’t have to worry about anything!

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3. A translation company is transparent in all aspects

Running a translation company is a business like any other. This means that every company has its terms and conditions.

You will be presented with the company’s terms and conditions at the very beginning. Indeed, a professional translation service provider would produce a written quotation which will cover all details such as project name, text type, payment terms, confidentiality, delivery deadlines, etc.

Translation Process

To begin working on a project, the company needs to make sure the customer accepts the quotation. This way you will know what you are getting for your money. Also, the translation company ensures there are no misunderstandings or complications.

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Download Your translation style guide

A comprehensive translation style guide in an editable format that will help you to simplify your localization process.

4. Translation companies maintain confidentiality

ISO 17100 Certified translation company

If you hire a translation agency you should not worry about any sensitive information that needs to remain confidential. The quotation containing all the details of the project usually covers even this aspect.

They have sophisticated technology, their own servers and protocols in place to ensure quality throughout the supply chain.

Also, most professional translators take part in professional associations. These unions have strict codes of conduct, part of which is to keep sensitive information confidential.

If you’re looking for the right translation company for a highly confidential project, look for the ISO 17100 certification.

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5. Bigger capacity than freelance translators

Opting for a professional translation company is imperative when working on a large project. The reason for it is simple – a translation service company has a bigger capacity than a single freelance translator.

Freelancers usually work on their own and have a capacity of around 2000 words per day.

Companies, on the other hand, have teams of a specialist in different spheres who work together to deliver the best quality services possible.

Moreover, these companies are well-equipped to ensure consistency in the translation process. They use workflow systems, which control even the smallest detail.

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6. Latest tools and technology

Translation tools have become a crucial part of translation nowadays, however, this type of software is a huge investment which freelance translators rarely can afford.

Translation management software or computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools help trained linguists maintain consistency in style and tone across longer texts.

CAT tool

Translation software greatly impacts translation quality for big projects. They help maintain consistency, check sentence structure, automate QA, and leverage repeated sentences.

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Moreover, even customers can take advantage of translation software since it could reduce translation costs.

It is important to mention that by choosing to work with one particular company, you can develop translation memory. This in turn can leverage future projects and decrease translation costs.

7. Single point of contact

Translation Agency

Working with a translation company has one huge advantage that one should not underestimate – one single point of contact. You will be in contact only with the project manager.

This project manager will be in charge of the communication between everyone working on the project.

Moreover, it is their responsibility to report every detail to the client and keep them informed.


If you decide to work with freelance translators, you will have to interact with each one of the translators, proofreaders, backup translators, etc. separately. This can prolong and complicate the translation process.

Translation companies, on the contrary, can handle all the work. As a result, your time and efforts on the project are significantly reduced.

When it comes to any translation task, accomplishing the best results possible can be made to look like a piece of cake when relying on a well-organized and professional service. In this way, you can be sure everything will go according to plan!

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