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South Africa

Business In South Africa: Economy, Languages & Cultural Etiquette

South Africa is often referred to as the ‘Rainbow Nation’ due to its vibrant cultures, picturesque landscapes, and incredible economic potential. For entrepreneurs and businesses looking for a dynamic and diversified market to expand into, South Africa could be a...
Italian vs French

Italian vs French: How Different and Similar are these Languages?

Italian vs French languages: Both are often associated with passion, love, good food, and beauty. What’s more, these two European languages have a common origin – they are descendants of Latin, the language of the Great Roman Empire. Source: In today’s blog, this is...
Languages of North East India

Languages of North East India

North East India is the easternmost region of India both from a geographic and administrative perspective. It is famous for the Seven Sister States, namely Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Tripura. Additionally, Sikkim is also...
untranslatable Hindi Idioms and Phrases

Hindi Idioms and Phrases That Can’t be Translated

Monkeys that cannot enjoy ginger - And other untranslatable Hindi Idioms and Phrases. Hindi is a truly delightful language. Spoken by over 600 million people, it is the fourth most spoken language in the world. The Hindi currently spoken in India is a mix of English,...
What language is spoken in Israel?

What Language is Spoken in Israel?

What language is spoken in Israel? Israel, the Holy Land of three major world religions, is a country located by the Mediterranean Sea. Spanning thousands of years, the country’s rich history and distinctive fusion of ancient and modern cultures reflect its...
Must Know Things About Korean Business Etiquette & Culture

Must Know Things About Korean Business Etiquette & Culture

South Korea has consistently ranked among the top 10 largest economies in the world and the 4th biggest economy in Asia. Located in Eastern Asia, the country offers a vast array of business opportunities due to its highly developed mixed economy. Its most prominent...
Spanish language localization for LA and European regions

Spanish Localization: Should You Localize into LA or European Spanish?

Thinking of Spanish Localization for your website or app? Which dialect should you use? Latin American or European Spanish? As suggested by recent demographic and economic factors, Spanish is a highly relevant language market today. According to data from Instituto...
Beginners guide for Website Translation for Latin America

Beginners Guide to Website Translation for Latin America

If you've decided to expand globally through website translation for Latin America, congratulations! You are making a smart choice. Tapping into a market of 500 million people that are geographically scattered across a vast continent is a daunting endeavour. However,...
Malayalam Language Facts

10 Mind Boggling Facts about the Malayalam Language

Kerala, sets apart not just its lush green fields, languishing backwaters, traditional sadya, and its iconic golden-bordered kasavu sarees. An indispensable part of what makes the land what it is? It's the Malayalam Language. With close to 45 million native speakers,...
Most spoken languages in Europe

The Top 10 Most Spoken Languages In Europe

Europe is a continent celebrated for its remarkable linguistic diversity. With over 200 languages spoken across the continent, Europe is home to an astonishing array of languages and dialects, representing its countries' rich cultures and histories. From Romance...