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Bulgarian vs Russian

Bulgarian vs Russian: Difference and Similarities

Have you ever thought of the Bulgarian vs Russian languages? As a native Bulgarian, I remember the hot summers at the Black Sea coast, playing with Russian kids. Although we had different native languages, we were able to understand each other almost without any...
untranslatable Hindi Idioms and Phrases

Hindi Idioms and Phrases That Can’t be Translated

Monkeys that cannot enjoy ginger - And other untranslatable Hindi Idioms and Phrases. Hindi is a truly delightful language. Spoken by over 600 million people, it is the fourth most spoken language in the world. The Hindi currently spoken in India is a mix of English,...
Hindi Language

Do These 10 English Words Have a Hindi Translation?

Around the 17th century, the Hindi Language was originated by a mix of Popular languages of the areas around Delhi, with Urdu and Persian. Statistics show that Hindi is spoken by 425 million people as their first language and 120 million people as their second...
Languages in Eastern Europe

What Are The Most Spoken Languages in Eastern Europe?

Ever wondered what the most spoken languages in Eastern Europe? Here’s the gist - countries in Eastern Europe are very different from each other but still held together with an unbreakable thread of history and geographical demarcations. Countries with different...
Machine Translation vs MTPE

Machine Translation and Post Editing: Everything You Need to Know

Machine translation (MT) is a hot topic nowadays. Computers and algorithms continue to evolve and improve translation quality. Humans, however, remain key figures in the translation process.  Machine Translation or MT or the automatic translation from one natural...
quadrilingual pronunciation

Quadrilingual: Meaning, Pronunciation, Challenges and Benefits

What does the word quadrilingual mean? Who is a quadrilingual person? Ever-increasing globalization has turn multilingualism into one of the most useful skills one could possess. Moreover, being a polyglot is a desirable trait that offers you economic, social, and...

What Do Brazilians Speak?

Have you ever wondered what do Brazilians speak? The Amazon river, a bunch of towering waterfalls, and the Cachoeira da Fumaça, Brazil is a country full of beauty and wonder. But there is one more question that has mystified curious tourists throughout the world, what...
Portuguese vs Spanish

Portuguese vs Spanish – Is Spanish similar to Portuguese?

With a history dating back to the 9th century, Portuguese and Spanish are two important Romance Languages that originated in Europe. Having their roots in Latin, both languages were initially restricted to the Iberian peninsula where they had limited speakers. Thanks...
Analytics of Hinglish Language

Hinglish- A Report on Usage and Popularity in India

So, what is Hinglish? There are perhaps very few of us who haven’t come across Hindi text messages like “Bro chill kar” and “Arey! Yeh kya bakwaas he?!”, all typed out in English. From Maggi’s “Taste Bhi Health Bhi”, to Bollywood’s “Gully Boy”, there’s a new language...
Localizing for the German Market

Things to Consider When Localizing for the German Market

Since the 1970s Germany has been ranked among the top 5 of the world’s largest economies. Germany has established itself as a competitive market, offering a wide variety of opportunities for developing business. Germany’s favourable economic conditions, however, are...