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Cropin is a global AgTech company that provides SaaS based solutions to agribusinesses around the world to help them improve productivity





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Thai, Vietnamaese, Bahasa, Spanish, Khmer, French, Dutch, Portuguese and Punjabi

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Localizing Cropin’s message for global audiences

CropIn is a SaaS based agritech company that provides farm management, risk assessment and supply chain traceability solutions. They work with companies around the world to solve complex problems across the agriculture value chain.

We’ve been working with CropIn since 2020 to translate their marketing collaterals and legal documents into different languages.

Some of our work for CropIn includes- 

  • Translating and typesetting their marketing presentations in different languages
  • Translating video subtitles and documents in Spanish 
  • Translating legal documents

To localise thier presentations, we work with linguists who have a background in agriculture, geography or science so they can understand and adapt the technical terms correctly. A reviewer with experience in sales and marketing checks the translations to make sure they read well and convey the brand message. Our in-house DTP team handles the typesetting and the translator does a linguistic review.


Vietnamese and Bahasa translation

For CropIn’s project, Milestone Localization delivered high-quality translations in Vietnamese, Bahasa, and French languages. The team is very professional and did an excellent job translating our content.  We’re very happy with the service provided by them.

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