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We’re on a mission to help brands communicate clearly and effectively with customers across cultures.

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As access to the internet increases, it becomes more important than ever to make information available in every language. 

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We’re a small team with big dreams- and we’re growing fast! We’re trying to develop a culture of innovation, openness, and efficiency.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the working hours for freelance translators?

Freelance translators working in Milestone Localization have the freedom to manage their working hours. We assign translators in accordance with their working hours.

What is the next step after filling the freelance translation work application?

To work as a freelance translator in Milestone Localization, you should complete a free translation test and the test result should be satisfactory.

Do experienced freelance translators in Milestone Localization earn more for each word they translate?

No. Milestone Localization acts fairly in this aspect. We think that translation quality is a more important factor than actual translation experience. Therefore, there is no difference in translation rate on experience.

How do you pay to freelance translators?

In Milestone Localization, freelance translators are paid by the word count. We process payments to bank accounts of the freelance translators in the Milestone Localization pool every “X” days.

How can you manage work distribution of your freelance translators?

Our freelance translators determine their own weekly schedules according to their availability. Translation jobs are distributed to translators based on this work program.

How can I earn more as a translator?

Project availability is largely based on translator performance metrics. These include translation quality, client feedback, project volume, and personal interaction with staff and clients. As long as these performance metrics remain positive, you will receive more and more projects at the best available rate.

Translator rates are in line with industry standards and may be adjusted based on:

  • Translation Quality – the most important factor!
  • “Pick-up” Ratio – how many of the available projects you actually complete.
  • Availability and Responsiveness
  • Status, Time, and Number of completed projects
  • Other parameters

What is a proofreading project?

A proofreading project is a review of an existing translation to fix minor spelling and punctuation mistakes, typos, formatting issues, and inconsistencies. The proofreader does not refer to the original source text to check for translation accuracy.