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Cat Tool - Feature Image

CAT Tool -Features & Benefits- Why Every LSP & Translator Should Use One

Computer-Assisted Translation tools or CAT tools are software applications primarily used by professional translators and LSPs. Their purpose is to simplify and speed up the process of translation for linguists. For LSPs, CAT tools make translation project management...
Korean to English Translation

Mistakes Linguists Make in Korean to English Translation

Korean translation is the art (and science) of converting another language into Korean or converting Korean into another language. This article shall focus on Korean to English translation. This translation can be carried out by software, human, or a combination of...
Spanish language localization for LA and European regions

Spanish Localization: Should You Localize into LA or European Spanish?

Thinking of Spanish Localization for your website or app? Which dialect should you use? Latin American or European Spanish? As suggested by recent demographic and economic factors, Spanish is a highly relevant language market today. According to data from Instituto...
Israel City

What Language is Spoken in Israel?

What language is spoken in Israel? The Holy land of three major world religions, Israel is a country located by the Mediterranean Sea. Due to this religious and cultural diversity - the country has a huge variety of food, architecture, people, and languages. Due to...
Languages in Eastern Europe

What Are The Most Spoken Languages in Eastern Europe?

Ever wondered what the most spoken languages in Eastern Europe? Here’s the gist - countries in Eastern Europe are very different from each other but still held together with an unbreakable thread of history and geographical demarcations. Countries with different...
quadrilingual pronunciation

Quadrilingual: Meaning, Pronunciation, Challenges and Benefits

What does the word quadrilingual mean? Who is a quadrilingual person? Ever-increasing globalization has turn multilingualism into one of the most useful skills one could possess. Moreover, being a polyglot is a desirable trait that offers you economic, social, and...
untranslatable Hindi Idioms and Phrases

Hindi Idioms and Phrases That Can’t be Translated

Monkeys that cannot enjoy ginger - And other untranslatable Hindi Idioms and Phrases. Hindi is a truly delightful language. Spoken by over 600 million people, it is the fourth most spoken language in the world. The Hindi currently spoken in India is a mix of English,...
Languages in The middle East

What Are The Main Languages Spoken In The Middle East?

The Middle East refers to the lands around the eastern and southern coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, the Arabian Peninsula, and Northern Africa. It is a region in Africa and Asia and its territory comprised of 17 countries: Bahrain, Cyprus, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait,...
Linguist recruitment

How To Recruit The Right Translator

A fundamental tenet of language services is that an organisation’s translation product will only be as good as the linguist who writes the target content. An LSP’s linguist network (among other things) determines the quality of its services. As a vendor manager, it is...
Bulgarian vs Russian

Bulgarian vs Russian: Difference and Similarities

Have you ever thought of the Bulgarian vs Russian languages? As a native Bulgarian, I remember the hot summers at the Black Sea coast, playing with Russian kids. Although we had different native languages, we were able to understand each other almost without any...