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Multilingual Desktop publishing services turn your original copy into print-ready documents in 70+ languages

Multilingual DTP

our DTP services

Best professional multilingual DTP services by 100+ certified graphic artists and DTP specialists for the high-quality Desktop Publishing Services in multiple formats and page layouts.

We have DTP experts who speak a range of languages from Afrikaans to Zulu. We ensure that your content is formatted correctly in every language.

Desktop Publishing Services

Desktop Publishing

If you are translating a brochure, manual, presentation, patent, report or any document that has images or a fixed layout, you will require DTP services. When you translate content, the number of words, line spacing and paragraph formatting changes. The translated content needs to be formatted to maintain presentation and style across languages.

Our in-house DTP specialists can work on almost any type of file to extract text, localize images, manage fonts, and style paragraphs to deliver the final document in any format required.

All our work is carefully documented and the edited files are structured and stored as per industry standards to ensure that you can easily make changes in the future.


Milestone Localization work with desktop publishing experts works across a wide range of software in order to deliver the expected outcomes and quality your company needs.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office



Adobe Acrobat - PDF

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe illustrator

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash

Adobe FrameMaker

Adobe FrameMaker

Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign

Adobe PageMaker

Adobe PageMaker



When Desktop publishing services are needed? 

Once the translation process is completed, the length of the translated text needs to be corrected. In most cases, the target language can be much longer than or shorter than the source language text which means DTP services are a must. 

You might also want your final content in different formats- brochures, presentations, photos and more. We deliver publishing-ready content in 100+ languages in 10+ formats.

Our Desktop publishing Services 


Text extraction from non-editable file types


File preparation for translations

Multilingual Typesetting

FQA (Formatting Quality Assurance)

Preparation of print-ready files

eBook and Presentation Formatting

DTP services

what our expert DTP team looks for?

  • Differences between fonts style/size from the original source and translated document.
  • Junk characters in the translated text
  • Special characters used and their appearance
  • Culturally appropriate formatting style
  • Longer/shorter text in translation compared to the original
  • Formattingand placement of images, charts and graphs
  • Translation of text in images and graphs

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