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A Chick Called Albert

A Chick Called Albert is a YouTube channel documenting animal and bird-hatching adventures. Created by Alwyn Wils, the videos are mostly about him hatching, raising and rescuing various birds and animals.

The channel currently has over 110 videos and has garnered 3.35 million subscribers from across the globe.


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Subtitles for A Chick Called Albert youtube channel in 4 languages

Alwyn Wils is a Dutch YouTuber who shares his incredible journey of raising and rescuing various birds and animals on his channel, A Chick Called Albert. It all began with Albert, a little quail that hatched from an egg he bought at a supermarket.

A Chick Called Albert also has a separate YouTube channel for its Japanese audience called 卵の父親, which has been receiving tremendous appreciation.

To make Alwyn’s content more accessible to global users, Milestone Localization worked closely to create and translate subtitles for his videos in Arabic, Spanish (LatAm), Portuguese (Brazilian), and Japanese.

We carefully captured all the cultural nuances to ensure the subtitles were accurate while reflecting the original tone and spirit of the video.

The subtitles were delivered in SRT format, making it easy to upload them to YouTube.

Currently, certain videos on the English YouTube channel are available with Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese subtitles. Additionally, the Japanese videos are available on the Japanese channel.

Through our collaborative efforts, Alwyn’s videos became more accessible, allowing him to connect with a larger audience and share his exciting experiences.

A Chick Called Albert
A Chick Called Albert
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