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South Africa

Business In South Africa: Economy, Languages & Cultural Etiquette

South Africa is often referred to as the ‘Rainbow Nation’ due to its vibrant cultures, picturesque landscapes, and incredible economic potential. For entrepreneurs and businesses looking for a dynamic and diversified market to expand into, South Africa could be a...
Translation: An Intellectual Pursuit

Why Translation is an Intellectual Pursuit

What exactly is an ‘intellectual pursuit’? It is any activity that requires research and study in order to find answers to specific questions. In other words, it is the pursuit of knowledge. An intellectual pursuit can be studying for a university degree, writing a...
Brand Translation Mistakes

10 Marketing Translation Mistakes by Big Brands

Global brand expansion is a big and risky step that requires a lot of research and cultural adaptation. When it comes to localization, it is in your best interest to work with resident experts who will do trademark research for you to ensure that your brand resonates...
Russian Language

10 Facts You Never Knew About the Russian Language

Russian is the 8th most spoken language in the world and one of the official languages of a UN. Indeed, establishing the 6th of June, a UN initiated "Russian Language Day" to celebrate multilingualism and cultural diversity. This date coincides with the birthday of...
untranslatable Hindi Idioms and Phrases

Hindi Idioms and Phrases That Can’t be Translated

Monkeys that cannot enjoy ginger - And other untranslatable Hindi Idioms and Phrases. Hindi is a truly delightful language. Spoken by over 600 million people, it is the fourth most spoken language in the world. The Hindi currently spoken in India is a mix of English,...
Spanish language localization for LA and European regions

Spanish Localization: Should You Localize into LA or European Spanish?

Thinking of Spanish Localization for your website or app? Which dialect should you use? Latin American or European Spanish? As suggested by recent demographic and economic factors, Spanish is a highly relevant language market today. According to data from Instituto...
languages of the Philippines

Languages of the Philippines: Everything You Need to Know

Ever wondered what are the most spoken languages of the Philippines? This archipelagic country in Southeast Asia consists of 7641 islands with a population of 110.8 million people. The Philippines is a place where different religions, cultures, and languages exist...
Beginners guide for Website Translation for Latin America

Beginners Guide to Website Translation for Latin America

If you've decided to expand globally through website translation for Latin America, congratulations! You are making a smart choice. Tapping into a market of 500 million people that are geographically scattered across a vast continent is a daunting endeavour. However,...
Top Qualities of a Good Translation

Top Qualities of a Good Translation

Every client wants a good translation of their content; however, only a few know what are the top qualities of a good translation. The top qualities of a good translator are being able to fluently speak the languages you are translating, being able to translate...
Business in Japan

Business In Japan: Cultural Differences You Need To Know

Not many companies can say that they successfully do business in Japan. Those who do so are among the most prosperous in the world. It’s not a secret that the Japanese market is very hard to reach. Although many companies try to penetrate it by devising original...