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Reliable subtitling services in Bengaluru?

With our subtitling translation services in Bengaluru, you can be assured of receiving top-quality subtitles on time.  We only work with experienced subtitlers having relevant domain expertise and leverage the latest technology to deliver high-quality and accurate subtitles. All our closed captioning and subtitled content go through a quality assessment to ensure accuracy.

Our video translation services in Bengaluru are available in 70+ languages and we support all video and video programming formats. Overcome language barriers and communicate in the language of your audience with our subtitling services.

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Certified Translations

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70+ Languages

Video Translations in Bengaluru for 

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Movies & Documentaries

E-Learning Videos

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Types of subtitling services in Bengaluru

Closed Captioning

Our closed captioning services make your content easily accessible to people with hearing disabilities. Our transcriptionists carefully consider audio tones, words, and sound to convey the scene such that every audio element is understood.

Subtitling & Translations

Attract international viewers and increase your video views by communicating in their native language. Make your videos globally accessible with subtitle translations. We provide subtitling & translation services in 70+ languages.

Subtitling services for All Video Formats













subtitling for all video programming formats

SubRip (.srt)

Scenarist (.scc)

MacCaption (.mcc)

After Effects XML (AEPX)

Avid DS Subtitle File (.txt)

 XML (.xml)

Quicktime Timed Text (.qt.txt)

Transcript (.txt)

WebVTT (.vtt)

DFXP (.dfxp)

 Cheetah .CAP (.cap)

Spruce Subtitle File (.stl)

Why Translate Your Subtitles? 

Subtitling Services
  • Reach wider international audiences
  • Increase the accessibility of your videos
  • Easy and effective solution to provide multilingual content
  • Gain an advantage over your competitors
  • Cater to the needs of your customer and increase customer satisfaction

SRT subtitle translations in bengaluru

English to French SRT Translation

A popular way of translating subtitles is to generate.SRT files. This layout is supported by most software programs and is easy to integrate with different video formats.

SRT files are text files with time codes for different captions. When we translate SRTs, the time codes are maintained and text is edited. Based on the video format, care is taken to maintain character length so the sentences fit well on screen.

In SRT subtitle translation, our audiovisual translator would create and convert the captions in the target language directly from the resource video clip or from the script supplied.

With our expert subtitles translators, you can get high-quality accurate SRT subtitle translations in Bengaluru.

professional Subtitling in 70+ languages

We have professional native translators, transcriptionists, voiceover talent, and subject matter experts in over 70+ languages. We can localize your audio and video materials with quality and speed in all major languages.

Chinese subtitling services              Hindi subtitling services

Spanish subtitling services              Japanese subtitling services

French subtitling services               German subtitling services

Arabic subtitling services                 Russian subtitling services

Subtitling services in 70+ Languages


ISO 17100 Certified translation company - Milestone Localization

Milestone Localization is certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for having in place strong security of information and quality management systems for “End to end translation and localization services.”

We consider the ISO 17100 certification important and demonstrate our commitment to the needs of our customers worldwide. 


“When it comes to Translation Services, there are a number of companies that talk a good game, but Vinit and his team from Milestone Localization make it happen! They have facilitated Central Test to advance on projects effortlessly and on time while providing quality services. They take this further by accepting and implementing recommendations whilst upholding a personal connection with us.” 

Captioning & Subtitling Agency In Bengaluru

“We have been working with Milestone Localization for over a year now and the experience has been great. The team is prompt in delivering the final content, extremely understanding & supportive in accommodating last-minute changes, and always eager to suggest improvements. It’s a pleasure working with them.” 

Captioning & Subtitling Agency In Bengaluru
“I would like to take this opportunity for thanking your entire team for a great turnaround without compromising quality on the recent Branchx project. Your team’s dedication and hard work on the project despite the multiple iterations requested is commendable without which we would not have completed the project on time. Thank you again for the extraordinary support and looking forward to working with your team in the future.”
Captioning & Subtitling Agency In Bengaluru

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