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Psychometric test translation


Russian, German, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, Italian, Turkish & Hindi

Translating Psychometric Assessments for Central Test

Central Test provides predictive talent assessment solutions that combine smart data technology and psychometric science. 

We worked with them over the last 2 years to translate their psychometric assessments into different global languages. The source languages were either French or English and the target languages were Spanish, German, Simplified Chinese, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Italian and Turkish.

For these projects, we worked with linguists with a background in psychology or HR so they could understand the intention of the assessments and translate the questions in the best way possible.

To ensure the accuracy of complex questionnaires, the text was translated, proofread and back-translated to the original language to ensure that no nuances were lost. For gendered languages like Spanish, German and Portuguese, we made two versions of each translation using masculine and feminine pronouns, adjectives and articles.


Branchx English to Tamil Version

“When it comes to Translation Services, there are a number of companies that talk a good game, but Vinit and his team from Milestone Localization make it happen! They have facilitated Central Test to advance on projects effortlessly and on time while providing quality services. They take this further by accepting and implementing recommendations whilst upholding a personal connection with us.”

Assistant R&D Manager & Senior Consultant, Centraltest

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