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Why Bhojpuri Translation services?

An Indo-Aryan language with more than 50 million speakers, Bhojpuri is spoken in northern India and parts of Nepal. In India, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are home to more Bhojpuri speakers than any other region. Though Bhojpuri is considered a dialect of Hindi, there are significant variations. Variants of Bhojpuri are spoken widely in countries like Fiji, Mauritius, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, and Guyana.

The Indo-Caribbean people, who are descendants of Indians living in the Caribbean region, speak a language called Caribbean Hindustani which is a variant of Bhojpuri and Awadhi. The language evolved from Magadhi Prakrit and has several regional dialects. Professional Bhojpuri translation services can help you get an accurate and reliable translation of your business content to Bhojpuri. 

Professional Bhojpuri-English Translation

Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and other parts of northern India where Bhojpuri speakers reside are all resource-rich economies of the country. Belonging to what is known as the ‘Hindi Heartland’, the region has decisive power in the economic and political structure of the country. Bhojpuri speakers are significant in number in Nepal’s Terai region, which is the most productive region of the country. Fiji, where Bhojpuri is recognized as an official language, is one of the most developed Pacific Island economies. Endowed with rich minerals, forests, and other resources, the Fijian economy is heavily reliant on its tourism sector.

The Caribbean economies which are home to native speakers of Bhojpuri variants and dialects are diverse, regions with enormous growth potential. A truly global language, Bhojpuri to English and English to Bhojpuri translation becomes an important gateway to tapping into these versatile economies. 

Bhojpuri songs have been ruling the charts of Indian music for a very long time now. The songs have extremely catchy phrases, some of which make very little sense to listeners, but are nevertheless entertaining. The increasing popularity of the Bhojpuri music and movie industry is increasing the demand for Bhojpuri translation services.

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Translate your books from Bhojpuri to English to reach millions of new readers.

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Are you looking for translating your legal documents from Bhojpuri to English or vice versa? You are in the right place for the 100% accurate Bhojpuri legal translation within your budget.

We translate certificates, contracts, licenses, permits, patents, service agreements and trademarks, and more. Milestone Localization uses only professional native Bhojpuri linguists with legal experience to produce top quality, error-free translations.

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Bhojpuri -English translation for Corporate documents

Are you looking for a reliable language service for your corporate document translation needs between English and Bhojpuri?

We have expert linguists to translate corporate emails, presentations, reports, RFPs, invoices, and other corporate documents.


66% of online buyers won’t purchase from eCommerce websites that are only in English.

If your eCommerce product descriptions are only in English, then you’re losing out huge traffic to your eCommerce website and global customers.

Milestone Localization uses only professional native linguists with product experience to produce top quality, error-free translations, and helps you engage global buyers.

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Bhojpuri ELearning translation services

E-learning takes teaching beyond traditional classrooms, creating a path to flexible, self-reliant, and flexible learning. 

It makes courses accessible to students and employees around the world.

Our expert Bhojpuri translators work on courses so they resonate with local learners.

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